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    Vampire PRPG

    Post by ScarletTears on Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:13 am

    In the Kingdom of the Noctus, the land of the vampires, two young people await their wedding day.

    She comes from a land a thousand miles away, from the kingdom of the Warrior Mages. Her sister is the Princess of Thorns, and her mother the Queen of Vipers- but unlike her family, she has no powers. In her land, powers are seen as beauty, so a person who possesses no magic is seen as an abomination. All her life her family has hidden her behind layers of fine cloth and porcelain masks to the point where she sees herself as a monster to be hidden from all.

    He was born mortal, but he was turned during one of the vampire wars when he was attacked defending his family. The vampire who turned him ended up becoming the Vampire Queen and the man he turned during the last days of the war, the Vampire King. He took on the role of their prince and attack dog. Being a prince came with duties and responsibilities that he never imagined and without anyone to take his mind away from it, he’s been struggling not to cave.

    Their marriage is an arranged one, a deal struck for money and for power. Can they be happy? Can they be friends? Or will the barriers around them both stop them from seeing the beauty inside the both of them?

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